[nycbug-talk] IPv6 on OpenWRT notes

Steven Kreuzer skreuzer at exit2shell.com
Thu Oct 25 00:16:34 EDT 2007


While this is not related to BSD at all, I have been experimenting with IPv6
since the last meeting. I finally have a fully functional tunnel up, with
wireless clients on the LAN getting handed IPv6 addresses when they connect.

I started to write up all my notes and hopefully someone will find them useful.

It details setting up a cheap Linksys WRT54G router running OpenWRT with
IPv6 support. Since you can pick these things used for 30 bucks, its a great
platform to start playing with. (For those who are unaware, the WRT54G's
original firmware is based on Linux. Because of the GPL, they had to provide
the source. As a result, tons of custom firmwares have popped up which allow
you to pretty much do the same things you can  do on the expensive enterprise

The article is still a work in progress, so if you notice any mistakes or
would like me to expand on anything, please let me know


Hopefully after you follow those instructions, you should end up with
something that looks like this


I would like to thank Gene Cronk for both giving an incredible talk and also
for pointing out the stupid mistake I was making when I was trying to get
clients on my LAN to route outside.

In addition, I also want to thank michael for the original design of the page.
(I took his Xen Garden article and used that as a template since I have no
design skill what so ever. Hope he doesn't get mad)

If you get a tunnel up, post to the list and let us know what your
experience was like

Steven Kreuzer

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