[nycbug-talk] local VPS provider?

C Thala cthala at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 03:34:05 EDT 2008


Looking for a local VPS BSD provider. Need root, enough HDD space/RAM
to use ports, and at least 1 public IP.

This is for personal stuff, so I'm looking for something cheap, a
little bit of webhosting, a bit of email and that's about it. No

Currently thinking about rootbsd.net, the price is right over there
(their cheap plan starts at $20/month), but I'm a littly wary because
they are only about 6 months old.

I'd prefer to go with someone local, if anyone in the area does that
sort of thing. NYI is a NYCBUG sponsor, but from looking at their
website, I don't think they do VPS, only webhosting.

Recommendations appreciated.

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