[nycbug-talk] Understanding sys/module.h , *module_t and *modeventhand_t

nikolai nikolai at fetissov.org
Thu Apr 10 11:23:51 EDT 2008

>> Dynamic Kernel Linker (KLD) Facility Programming Tutorial [Intro]
>> http://rlz.cl/books/Books/BSD/blueprints.html
>> I think the second one actually explains that module_t business.
> Yes, thank you. That one drops a big hint:
> The 'module_t mod' structure is just a pointer to the module structure.
> This structure is part of a linked list of currently loaded modules. It
> contains links to the other modules loaded, KLD ID number and other such
> useful information.
> I'd still like to be able to find where that linked list is defined.
> I guess I'll just keep reading Rootkits. Considering that hint, I'll
> guess it's addressed later when he starts hiding things.


Just one suggestion if I may - try reading the kernel source (also).
That would probably give you more insight into how modules work
then a reference on how to rootkit them :)

As for the module list, I think here it is in

typedef TAILQ_HEAD(, module) modulelist_t;
struct module {
	TAILQ_ENTRY(module)	link;	/* chain together all modules */
	TAILQ_ENTRY(module)	flink;	/* all modules in a file */
	struct linker_file	*file;	/* file which contains this module */
	int			refs;	/* reference count */
	int 			id;	/* unique id number */
	char 			*name;	/* module name */
	modeventhand_t 		handler;	/* event handler */
	void 			*arg;	/* argument for handler */
	modspecific_t 		data;	/* module specific data */


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