[nycbug-talk] On-topic server questions

Kit Halsted lists at kithalsted.com
Thu Apr 10 23:28:06 EDT 2008

So, my last off-topic post reminded me that maybe y'all would be good 
people to ask: what's everybody doing for email stuff lately?

I'm a weensy bit overdue for some upgrades, & I'm starting to think 
this newfangled webmail might come in handy once in a while. Also, 
now that HD capacity has hit 1TB, IMAP may finally become useful for 

Seriously, I'm looking at putting together an OpenBSD-stable system, 
probably with qmail & vpopmail 'cause I'm used to them. Anybody know 
which webmail & IMAP projects play nice with that setup? Have things 
changed enough in the last year or so that I should consider a 
different base setup?

Kit Halsted
Computers & Networking
kit at kithalsted.com

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