[nycbug-talk] On-topic server questions

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Fri Apr 11 12:43:09 EDT 2008

>>>>> "kh" == Kit Halsted <lists at kithalsted.com> writes:

    kh> what's everybody doing for email stuff lately?

dovecot at home.  

i also am using dovecot for Outlook -> Mac OS Mail migrations.  It's a
tiny program using ordinary Maildir for storage.  I ran it on OpenBSD
to move the first guy's mail, but after downloading Apple's XCode and
NetBSD's pkgsrc it only took me an hour of work to get dovecot running
on Mac OS.

the sun java communications suite at work.  I inherited it and haven't
dug into it much yet.  It's big with LDAP and Java and even a Jabber
server in there, and it is unfree.  It is $0, but does not come with
complete source---it is only possible to brand some of the webmail
pages, not to modify the Java servlets that access the message store.
The size is annoying.  I can't recommend any mail system that doesn't
come with source code, because mail is far too simple an application
to have any excuse for that kind of nonsense.  but I think maybe the
performance is really good, and it is webmail that is not PHP which I
like because of PHP security and quality problems.
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