[nycbug-talk] Google and IPv6 Adoption

Alex Pilosov alex at pilosoft.com
Mon Apr 21 13:50:12 EDT 2008

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008, Tim A. wrote:

> > Reminds me of trying to get ip6 with asterisk, which is something I
> > would love to see. Can be done, but it would need a proxy-less
> > connection to get the desired effect. IPSEC + NAT + VoIP is
> > sucksville.
> >
> > -jesse
> Definitely, SIP is one of the leading business arguments for IPv6, IMO.
are you on crack? sip is far more broken for v6 than v4.

> That will no doubt be where I'll be doing my IPv6 crash course--in a
> telcom test bed playing with SIP. But not till the end of the year.
you like pain.

> One of the things I've always liked most about Asterisk is IAX.
iax sucks and mustdie. amateurs.


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