[nycbug-talk] dedicated server rentals?

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Fri Aug 1 00:15:16 EDT 2008

Hi all,

First off, I'm on the fence about going with a "dedicated server" that I 
rent vs. renting space somewhere and throwing my own hardware in. 
Ideally, I'd start with the first then move to the latter and keep a VPS 
elsewhere as a spare (for VPS, Verio seems to be the king of FreeBSD 
stuff - they also seem to have hacked up 6.x to support multiple IPs in a 

Does anyone have any suggestions on a hosting company that is friendly to 
FreeBSD dedicated servers and offers a decent level of service?  I'd like 
a porn/spam/irc/bot-free network, and a very over-provisioned network.  An 
IP KVM would be a great bonus as well.  An onsite backup service and a 
guaranteed time to restore should the hardware blow up would be another 

Does such a thing exist for less than $500/month?  Bandwidth needs are 
relatively small, but I'd want an FE or GigE port nonetheless.



Charles Sprickman
Bway.net - New York's Best Internet - www.bway.net
spork at bway.net - 212.655.9344

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