[nycbug-talk] dedicated server rentals?

Jonathan jonathan at kc8onw.net
Fri Aug 1 11:55:01 EDT 2008

Charles Sprickman wrote:
> Hi all,
> First off, I'm on the fence about going with a "dedicated server" that I 
> rent vs. renting space somewhere and throwing my own hardware in. 
> Ideally, I'd start with the first then move to the latter and keep a VPS 
> elsewhere as a spare (for VPS, Verio seems to be the king of FreeBSD 
> stuff - they also seem to have hacked up 6.x to support multiple IPs in a 
> jail).

I'm also fairly interested in a VPS.  I've considered doing colocation 
but I can't justify the up front expense for the hardware since it's 
coming out of my own pocket.  Right now I have an old desktop on a DSL 
connection running email for myself and a few others.  If anyone knows 
of a good VPS provider I would definitely consider using them, it sucks 
when my mail server goes down everytime a thunderstorm rolls through.

I don't really need a lot of bandwidth and storage needs would probably 
be less than 10-20GB for the near term.  I do want something I can set 
up how I like but dedicated and colo both seem too expensive so it seems 
a good VPS is the way to go for me.


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