[nycbug-talk] Desktop

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Mon Dec 1 13:32:05 EST 2008

Matt Juszczak writes:

> But I do like how with Ubuntu, you can just plug in a flash drive, etc., 
> and it just works.

I use OpenSuse as desktop, primarily because VMware does not work with 
FreeBSD. I have not tried qemu though, which is supposed to work in FreeBSD.

Virtualization is likely one reason why some people may end up using 
something other than FreeBSD for desktop.

Even though virtualization  seems like a very requested feature in FreeBSD, 
doesn't seem like there are resources to work on it. Someone from virtualbox 
was even looking for someone to do paid work to get virtualbox to work in 
FreeBSD and he was no able to find someone.

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