[nycbug-talk] Setting up a FreeBSD "backup" box

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon Dec 8 19:42:53 EST 2008

Matt Juszczak wrote:
> Hiya,
> If you were given the task of setting up a FreeBSD box with 1 TB disk 
> space (mirrored RAID 1) for use by multiple clients for backing up their 
> data (mostly via rsync and sftp), how would you set it up?  Yes, its a 
> given that one would use a minimalist install, create home dirs for each 
> client, enable quotas to keep file storage under control, but what else? 
> Is there a shell out there that ONLY allows the use of rsync and perhaps 
> sftp?  I've seen rbash and people also set the shell to sftp-server.
> Just wondering how others would set this up.  Thanks!

There's an rsync-only shell out there that you can config and compile 
that's perfect, IMHO.

It will also do chroot.

And it's funny. . . was looking for the code, and found a posting by me 
on it



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