[nycbug-talk] router/firewall recommendation ?

Tim A. techneck at goldenpath.org
Thu Dec 25 11:31:17 EST 2008

Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> But I haven't checked on those projects in forever.  Are they still  
> viable ?  Are the setup times still 1day+ ?

pfSense, all the way.
One thing no one's mentioned yet, though, it runs great virtualized as 
well. OT?
Assuming you'll have some other internal services to provide, these can 
consolidate well on cheap or old/free hardware.
A simple example, for the last year, I've run (at home, experimental) 
pfSense, a DC (W2k3) and Tor transparent DNS proxy (FreeBSD) all in a 
single VMware server (debian) on a 1GHz Pentium M with 1 GB ram.
I'm using a Neo Lex Twister (Hacom) but any old machine will do.
No problems at all. I'm very happy with it.

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