[nycbug-talk] Backup service

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Fri Feb 29 12:12:47 EST 2008

> Have you considered the need to archive files, above and beyond
> keeping a local mirror? In other words, if a file is deleted or
> changed, how much time do you have to discover it before rsync changes
> your mirror?

Yes, and I verified that our backup provider backs up the actual file 
system of our backup system to ANOTHER system nightly :)  I was originally 
concerned about this simply because - what if someone gets access to the 
backup system and rm -rf /'s it.... etc. etc.

> We use the backup feature of rsync to store the backup files by date,
> then prune those after a few days. Each host has its own account on
> the backup host. The command to back up host foobar today is:

> rsync -ab --delete --numeric-ids --exclude=tmp/*
> --backup-dir=../archive/2008-02-29 --stats -e "ssh -l foobar" /home
> /etc /var/log /usr/local
> I looked at duplicity but deemed it overkill. It's also
> non-transparent; you can't just cd into the archive and pull out a
> file, you have to use duplicity to get it back out.

Makes sense.  I'll look into it but I appreciate your example.



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