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Trish Lynch trish at bsdunix.net
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I concur - NJ transit runs pretty much all night too, contrary to popular belief - though if you need crash space - you can call me and crash up here in the Bronx. (I generally don't come to meetings because of familial obligations - though let me know if you do come in, I'll try and find a babysitter)

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Hi Dan,

I take NJ transit many times a week.  It is much cheaper than Amtrak and
more frequent, the Trenton line runs on the same rails as the Amtrak NE
Corridor for much of the trip:

http://www.njtransit.com/  (can't link to the schedule, they use cookies
I guess)

I would recommend taking an express NJ Transit from Trenton, Driving on
the NJ Turnpike is exhausting on a good day and often a total
nightmare.  Plus if you are coming in the evenings you will be going
against the commute like me so you always get a good seat...

Good Luck,


Dan Langille wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I now live in Warrington, PA.  That's about 2 hours from NYC.  I'm
> tempted to come into the meetings.  I'm looking at options:
> - drive all the way there, roughly 2.5 hours
> - drive, then train
> - drive, get a lift with someone else
> I'd be coming up 95 from the south and getting onto 78E (NJ turnpike)
> and into the Holland tunnel.  If I was to train part of the way, what
> would your recommendation be?
> thanks

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