[nycbug-talk] Sun Acquires MySQL

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Thu Jan 17 13:53:00 EST 2008

On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 12:37:06PM -0500, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
>  From what I've been able to glean, Sun has pretty-much-been one of  
> the largest proponents of PostgreSQL for a long time - and i've heard  
> that they're one of the larger $ backers for development (though I  
> can't find any real docs on that).  I'm mostly worried about what  
> this means for Postgres, as I prefer that to MySQL by quite a bit.   
> If they lose clout or bonded development, that would suck.

Sun provides pay for support of pgsql on Solaris (and linux i belive as
well).  If i remeber correctly enterpriseDB is actually contraced out to
perform specific engineering consulting services while sun provides
basically front line support.  

> The deal makes a lot of sense to me though.  I doubt we'll see much  
> of any change in terms of licensing or sales.  MySQL and Postgres are  
> both 'enterprise grade' now - they have been for years ( though I  
> think you're smoking crack if you trust mysql's referential  
> integrity ).  This gives Sun a chance to compete against Oracle.
i'm not sure they really want to compete against oracle or anything like
that.  i'm also not too sure that this is a play to compete with Oracle
Linux, which is bascially a CentOS clone with most of ORA's sysctl knobs

frankly i have no idea what gonna happen - but i'll tell ya one thing,
this is not gonna stop me from running either ORA or pgsql :)


Peter Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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