[nycbug-talk] Sun Acquires MySQL

Alex Pilosov alex at pilosoft.com
Thu Jan 17 18:18:11 EST 2008

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Miles Nordin wrote:

> including the clout part.  When Sun started releasing their own Postgres
> port and announcing their intent to do some Postgres/Solaris performance
> optimization, I thought, ``great---at least one clan of wizards has
> stuck their staffs in the mud to say, `people who know the difference
> use Postgres.' ''
> Instantly after the MySQL purchase, Postgres lost massive clout.
pgsql didn't have clout. pgsql was always 'for us by us' mentality. 
cluebies used pgsql. pgsql has been growing and getting better without 
massive corporate sponsorships, really, this isn't going to change. 

> that's the thing that sucks about the buy-your-way-out-of-the-GPL
> stuff---they can if they want to because they've retained single
> copyright ownership.  I'm much more inclined to spend my time working on
> someone else's code if it's under FSF ownership.  but yeah I think
> MySQL's future licensing is only more secure by Sun owning it.
Don't forget that pgsql is bsd licensed. anyone can use it and sell it and 
not give anything back. that didn't seem to hurt pgsql.

> But if you want to use this huge body widely-available
> extremely-useful PHP crap, or tap into the pool of cheap PHP
> developers, there's no choice, is there?  As my old housemate used to
> say, start swimming downstream.
very much agreed. php and mysql are perfect combination, for clueless 


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