[nycbug-talk] Sun Acquires MySQL

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Fri Jan 18 13:43:08 EST 2008

On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 12:49:13PM -0500, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> On Jan 17, 2008, at 6:18 PM, Alex Pilosov wrote:
> > On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Miles Nordin wrote:
> >
> >> including the clout part.  When Sun started releasing their own  
> >> Postgres
> >> port and announcing their intent to do some Postgres/Solaris  
> >> performance
> >> optimization, I thought, ``great---at least one clan of wizards has
> >> stuck their staffs in the mud to say, `people who know the difference
> >> use Postgres.' ''
> >>
> >> Instantly after the MySQL purchase, Postgres lost massive clout.
> > pgsql didn't have clout. pgsql was always 'for us by us' mentality.
> > cluebies used pgsql. pgsql has been growing and getting better without
> > massive corporate sponsorships, really, this isn't going to change.
> Pg has clout in that it is the 'for us & by us' , and many of the  
> smarter firms use it over mysql, and that there was some big-tech  
> interest behind it.  Just this week I had to defend Pg as a choice of  
> Oracle, and my dialogue was "Sun backs it".  MySQL has tons of  
> publicity on enterprise level deployments from large firms... I need  
> a new "Postgres is legit for enterprise" diversion... citing IMDB  
> might not cut it. 

how 'bout Sony Online Entertainment:

that's just off the top of my head though ;)


Peter Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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