[nycbug-talk] FBSD on an Asus EEE

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Jan 25 13:28:37 EST 2008

Josh McCormack wrote:
> I realize I'm cheap, but doesn't the pricing of these seem really off?
> There's not much difference between them and standard laptops in
> pricing, and a lot in power. Is the weight that big a difference?

It's around two pounds, and feels *nice*. . .

Oh, initially, 6 mos before their release, they were cheap with great specs.

It's just as we approached the release date, the specs worsened and 
price *doubled*.

There's other low-priced UMPCs out there. . . not just OLPC and the EEE. 
.. There's also http://www.everex.com/press/ as noted in the DragonFly 
blog I caught this off of.

I think the initial stuff was exciting. . . then I watched how Asus 
dealt with the release, warned people about doing upgrades themselves 
(overruled), apparently removed the second free mini-pci slot, screwed 
over the small vendors (such as GCS that many of us use), etc., so I 
lost the appetite for the EEEs.

Ike picked one up though. . . and it is sweet. . .

I'm going to watch how this low-priced UMPC market develops, and then 
make a move at some point.  But battery life better beat what the EEE is 

So yes, Josh, it probably makes sense just to go with the Lenovo X series :)


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