[nycbug-talk] cfengine book

Jesse Callaway bonsaime at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 16:55:52 EDT 2008

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 12:44 PM, pete <pete at nomadlogic.org> wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Jul 2008 11:45:35 -0400, thomas at zaph.org wrote:
>> For those of you that want to follow up on Steve's presentation from
>> yesterday, I recommend the cfengine book(let) from the Usenix/SAGE
>> short-topics series:
>>     http://www.sage.org/pubs/16_cfengine/
>> If you're a SAGE member, you can view the book as a PDF for free, or you
>> can purchase the booklet for $15 (non-members).
>> It's written by the author of cfengine (Mark Burgess) and Aeleen Frisch
>> (she wrote the O'Reilly sysadmin book).
> That's a great pamphlet from Usenix!  I also am a fan of "Automating Unix
> and Linux Administraton" by Kirk Bauer (A! Press).  Covers some basics
> regarding cfengine, and there are some other useful hints in there too.
> Probably a good addition to your sysadmin team room for the junior guys.
> -pete

... like me ; )

thanks for the suggestion. My takeaway from last night's meeting was
that cfengine is entirely inappropriate for use where I work... too
diverse of a base of computers. Too bad!

I've got to just stick with RCS and rsync. Why not SVN? Less typing,
which makes me more apt to use it.


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