[nycbug-talk] NYCBUG Audio

Vitaliy Gladkevitch lists at vitaliy.info
Fri Jul 18 19:37:51 EDT 2008


As somebody who spends a great deal of time listening to podcasts (RSS  
audio feeds) I would like to suggest higher-quality recording of the  
meets. The biggest problem right now is that it is hard to hear the  
main speaker because of all the background noise, and it is impossible  
to hear the questions that people are asking.

Can we provide the speaker with a microphone that clips on to a collar  
of a shirt? And maybe something to pass around for the people to use  
to ask questions? The microphones should not just be connected to a  
loud speaker but directly into the recording laptop to have a clear  
stream with no background noise.

There is tons of great information that is being shared at NYCBUG and  
it would really help out the people who are unable to attend. The RSS  
feed can be added to something like iTunes Podcast Directory and give  
NYCBUG some online exposure. If there are people interested I would  
not mind throwing a couple of bucks towards a purchase. We can also  
talk bandwidth if that is an issue.

- Vitaliy

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