[nycbug-talk] The Fiber-to-Home Ghost

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Sat Jul 26 14:53:43 EDT 2008

>>>>> "cs" == Charles Sprickman <spork at bway.net> writes:

    cs> the tool to turn every state PUC into their own sniveling,
    cs> beat-down bitch is to roll out FIOS.  It's their ticket to
    cs> deregulation.

yeah.  I just don't know what to say.

    cs> totally screwed up by not requiring 3rd party wholesale access
    cs> to this stuff - even if only the internet portion.  Those
    cs> dreams of picking your own provider, getting cool IPTV stuff
    cs> and VOIP from that provider - *poof*.

some clueful lobbyists would be awesome.

I would like some really onerous net neutrality legislation, like
enough to piss off most of my friends.

If the duopoly Internet access they give you were truly neutral, then
you could get IPTV and VoIP from someone not-Verizon without
discussing or choosing anything.  but QoS and multicast standards
don't seem to have anything workable for crossing AS boundaries that
Verizon could be forced to use.

The closest thing would be more like the DSL-ish scheme you ask for,
though maybe with MPLS this time.  As a minimum, they should let their
competing ISP mark packets with two or three colors that get enforced
on all output queues including the one right before the customer
downlink.  but it'll still be difficult because both FiOS and cable
have a broadcast upstream, so their upstream QoS schemes with which
they can provide high-quality phone service are AIUI more like celfone
TDMA, proprietary and not fitting the DiffServ model.

The interweb you get from comcast, from what I've heard, is already so
far from neutral, the actual non-neutralness of it is a
closely-guarded corporate secret.

    cs> My bread and butter since '96 has been ISP work.

hosting ISP's aren't going anywhere.

But running 20Mbit/s upstream to infected Windows hosts, combined with
a deep divide between hosting ISP's and leeching ISP's, may lead to
the death of the Innurnet through DDoS.  Maybe we'll wake up to find
that VZHost is oddly somehow the only web host able to filter and
survive DDoS.
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