[nycbug-talk] Breakout sessions at NYCBSDCon

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon Jun 2 00:13:08 EDT 2008

Steven Kreuzer wrote:
> Greetings-
> In case you are not aware, we have been working with the BSD Certification team
> to give an exam at the conference in October.
> We will have a classroom at the conference that will be used to hold breakout
> sessions to help let people brush up on some of the
> topics that will be covered on the exam.
> We are currently looking for individuals who can give 30 minute refresher
> courses on the following topics:
> 1. Subnetting
> 2. tar/pax/cpio
> 3. Regular Expressions
> 4. pf (however, the exam is more on recognition than hands on)
> 5. Permissions (octal, symbolic, chmod, umask, etc.)
> 6. Basic Unix tasks (cron jobs, symbolic links, simple sh scripts, etc)
> 7. rc and sysctl
> If you would like to volunteer, please attend the next NYCBUG meeting on June
> 4th and come and find me so we can work out the details.
> Thanks

NYCBUG has been a great platform for people who have not previously 
spoken publicly start out.

The topics are general enough for those looking to take the exam, yet 
not get bogged down in details.

These talks, as Steve states, are short and to the point.

Looking forward to Wednesday and getting things moving for the con.


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