[nycbug-talk] need help postfix, pf, jails, freebsd

Marco Scoffier marco at metm.org
Thu Jun 19 20:53:35 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I need help.  I have been swamped lately and I feel that I don't have 
the time to read up and do this properly so I would like to hire someone 
for a few hours to help me move a mail server and dns for several 
domains to a new server.

The mailserver is postfix and I want to move it to a jail (FreeBSD) 
which is mounted on a local address.   The idea being that 
all routing to the jails is handled by pf on the jailhost.    I would 
like to have imaps routed to the jail also (dovecot) and smtp-auth 
routed to this jail also.

I have the jails set up and the pf routing working for other services.  
I have mail working using the IP address. I've been meaning to move the 
mailserver for a while, but I keep hesitating before switching the MX 
records for the domains involved, I'm mostly worried about losing mail 
if something goes wrong.

If someone has been through this knows about the technologies involved 
and has a sane plan of attack.  I would love to hire you for a few hours 
to sit down together and look over my shoulder while we get this done.

I usually don't get cold feet when trying new things and changing stuff 
around, but I've a bit too swamped to deal lately so I thought I would 
ask for help.



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