[nycbug-talk] Nagios or...?

Aleksandar Kacanski kacanski_s at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 24 19:49:15 EDT 2008

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Talking to myself yet again (I told all this to the dog, but he showed  
a distinct lack of interest in the subject) in a top-post, I'll share  
a bit more info since I just cut over to Nagios 3.0.2 tonight.

Moving the configs was actually quite simple.  Looking at what was new  
and cleaning up the old configs to make everything clearer and to  
split config items into more appropriately-named object files was time- 
consuming, but well worth the work since the setup is much easier for  
me or anyone else looking at it to follow.  The embedded perl  
interpreter and some of my plugins still don't get along, but I can  
live with that.

ZenOSS is still in the jail, but I have not touched it in weeks.

One unexpected bonus that ZenOSS motivated me to find was a graphing  
add-on.  I like the idea of finding some service failing and being  
able to jump right to a number of graphs for that host - load, service  
response times, etc.  When troubleshooting it's nice to have as much  
data as possible.  After digging around a bit and even trying  
nagiosgraph for a bit, I installed "PNP4Nagios".  It is amazing, works  
as promised, and getting all the basics going is very easy compared to  
the other graphing add-ons I found.  I highly recommend anyone running  
Nagios 2.x or 3.x have a look at it.  The one big hint is to replace  
"check_ping" with "check_icmp" in your commands.cfg.  The latter gives  
performance data output which is necessary for pnp4nagios.

Here's the PNP4Nagios site:  http://www.pnp4nagios.org/pnp/start

Now it's time to evaluate some of my other plugins and see what's new  
and exciting at nagiosexchange...


What is possibility for some paid work for building integration panel in python to combine and correlate  information from snmp tools like  cacti (excellent stuff), nagios3, snort ...


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