[nycbug-talk] Help mounting slave drive to restore

Matt Terenzio matt at thehour.com
Wed Jun 25 20:26:36 EDT 2008

>H.G. said ...is that a pipe ( " | " ) I see in there?  Is that intentional, or a

I've been made aware that the command is insane. I didn't make it up. Just followed and possibly(probably?) misinterpreted some bad advice.

I'm a fool. Not for not knowing, but for blindly executing without good advice. ; ) 

One interesting side note: I've been running FreeBSD servers for years and years for web-hosting projects and never had occasion to use the mount command.

My whole universe is a unix-like filsystem on servers I never physically touch, so why would I, except in a catastrophe like this.

FreeBSD has made it that easy! CD /usr/ports/. . . make install

Either that, or I've had incredible luck. (BTW, it hasn't always been that easy, just saying that I'm no SysAdmin but I manage to get along)

And, if I move to a virtual environment, like economics is pushing me toward, I'll even have less concerns about hardware.

But I'll still be a fool. . .

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