[nycbug-talk] non-DSL static IP

Marco Scoffier marco at metm.org
Thu Mar 13 11:56:29 EDT 2008

Alex Pilosov wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, Marco Scoffier wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I was wondering if there are any options for non-DSL static IP for a
>> location in not gentrified quickly enough for verizon East Williamsburg.
> Umm
> There are no areas of the city *without* DSL.
> However, specific locations, gentrified or not may have no DSL due to 
> local conditions, namely "DLC" (digital loop concentrators, essentially 
> CO-in-a-box). That happens on upper west side as much as it happens 
> anywhere else.
Yes this is a digital loop.  And speakeasy the old provider won't/can't 
run a one-link.
> Your other option is timewarner/cv "business class" - i think its around 
> 75-100$/mo for service w/ static IP.


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