[nycbug-talk] Smart/managed switches

jonathan at kc8onw.net jonathan at kc8onw.net
Mon May 5 22:06:31 EDT 2008

Hello all,

Even if you don't go through this whole email comments after reading this
first paragraph and "What I want:" are welcome.  Some of you may recall
I'm running satellite internet access in Iraq for ~50 people.  I'm looking
at picking up a few managed gigabit switches in the 8-24 port range.  I
have a 24 port "on loan" that I would like to replace with one of my own
and I also have a couple of 8 port dumb switches I would like to replace. 
The 8 port replacements can be larger of course.

What I want:
8-24 ports
802.1w Rapid spanning tree
rs232 console port for out of band management
As cheap as possible without getting junk

What I am looking at getting:
24 port SMC smart switch for $230, seems like a steal.  Anyone know
anything about SMC networking products?

8, 16 and 24 port Netgears for $95, $245, $250 ($250 is with $40 mail in
rebate) respectively.  I've heard good things about Netgear hardware but
I've also heard that their managed gear can be a headache to work with. 
Also none of the Netgears I'm looking at have console ports which makes me
reluctant to buy them despite the reputation Netgear has for reliability.

Here is the Newegg switch listing I was looking at http://tinyurl.com/6p5rhw

If anyone has any used hardware they are willing to offload that meets my
requirements I'll probably buy it.  I know Cisco is often considered the
way to go but all the Cisco gear I looked at is *way* out of my price

Jonathan Stewart

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