[nycbug-talk] making rar play nice with pipes?

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Mon May 19 12:21:36 EDT 2008

>>>>> "ta" == Tim A <techneck at goldenpath.org> writes:

    ta> Using gzip -9 gives practically no additional compression.

gzip is built into gpg and done implicitly whenever you encrypt

I don't know.  you could try rzip, which I think has nothing to do
with rar, but also has an 'r' in it so maybe this will make you feel
closer to a solution.  Some programs simply can't work with pipes
because the algorithm requires that they do mmap or lseek or
something.  You could do a ktrace or strace on rar or a grep of the
source, and see if rar is using these functions, and if so, give up.
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