[nycbug-talk] interesting debate on linux-kernel

Andy Kosela andy.kosela at gmail.com
Thu May 22 09:57:46 EDT 2008

I don't know how many of you read linux-kernel mailing list but this
discussion was really interesting and funny sometimes too (even Linus
threw in his .02 cents)

List:       linux-kernel
Subject:    Re: Slow DOWN, please!!!
From:       David Newall <davidn () davidnewall ! com>
Date:       2008-04-30 4:15:29
Message-ID: 4817EF91.4080800 () davidnewall ! com
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David Miller wrote:
> We need to slow down the merging, we need to review things
> more, we need people to test their fucking changes!

Yes.  The Linux process is becoming unreliable.  Newly "stable" versions
have stability problems.  The development process looks childish.
Seasoned developers say not to worry, that the process works.  I do
worry.  BSD seems more attractive, and it may even be worth the
considerable effort to switch my entire client-base.  Linux was lucky to
gain the foothold that it did: traditionally, BSD had a better system
with a less restrictive licence, so it is surprising that manufacturers
chose to go with Linux.  BSD still has a less restrictive licence and
when mainstream press becomes interested in Linux's quality problems
it's adoption will fall.  BSD is still a good, maybe even better, option.

Linus, this is your baby and so it's your problem.  Only you have the
influence to change things.
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