[nycbug-talk] Cogent and Sprint - a signal of things getting Oldschool?

Isaac Levy ike at lesmuug.org
Sat Nov 1 21:10:32 EDT 2008

On Nov 1, 2008, at 8:40 PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:

> On Sat, 1 Nov 2008, Isaac Levy wrote:
>> DSL available to me in 2002: 768/6.0, around $100/mo
>> DSL available to me in 2008: 768/6.0, around $100/mo
> Optonline Business cable with a /29 of static space, 4 hr. service,  
> etc available to me:
> 30Mb/s down/5Mb/s up, around $75/month.
> The world is full of tradeoffs.  I live in western Jersey where  
> people are excited that Palin may be president.  There is no art, no  
> culture, no coffee shops, no record stores.  There is fast internets  
> (FiOS is on it's way) and a giant WalMart.
> You live in Brooklyn and have such perks as culture, food, and even  
> the possibility of meeting like-minded people.  You probably pay at  
> least double what I pay in rent, but you get slow internets.

Nah- you and I live in the same place- this list ;P

> The giant apartment complex I live in is having a recession special  
> though, $883/month for a 780 sq. ft. 1 bedroom apt.  You can move  
> out here and get fast internet and be "that weird guy". :)

But this opens the door to another problem I've been talking to ISP's  
about (as a colo customer),

If we have a world where 30mb/s down is becoming the norm for end  
users, why is bandwidth at the datacenter still so expensive?!  I'm  
not comparing a DSL/Cable line to a solid pipe at a datacenter, but I  
am saying that people's expectations and uses of the internet are  

>> Gear deployed/used by DSL company: nothing upgraded, (even squeezing
>> DSL through old lead pairs in my parts of Brooklyn).
> You are likely using someone that uses Covad.  Even after going  
> bankrupt and getting rid of debt, they are still always broke.
>> Even with the newer DSL speeds (1.0/15.0), requiring a new card for
>> the circut at the DSLAM, they won't deploy the new card until I pay
>> for the service- I can't just 'switch over' and start paying more...
>> (the monthly cost is nearly double anyhow).
> Tell them (speakeasy) that's BS.

I tried to- they said I'd need to put in an order and even have a new  
copper line run to my apt.  Crazy, I thought...

> Covad has a list of COs with the new (earthlink-financed) Samsung  
> DSLAMs.  It's either hot or not, but I guarantee you that one  
> customer ordering service will not trigger the install of a whole  
> new DSLAM (and thanks to covad's fucked-up engineering, another  
> backhaul).
>> In the last year, the card at the DSLAM burned out and was replaced,
>> with an identical unit- not the newer stuff.
> Want to hear another fun fact?  Your DSLAM is made by Nokia, and has  
> been EOL'd long, long ago.  Covad has to stock their own spares  
> since they are no longer made.  They bought up the last cards a few  
> years ago and when they burn through their stock... all gone.   
> Again, this is part of why you don't have ADSL2+ - there are no such  
> cards for the bulk of the DSLAMs covad has deployed.

Oh joy.

> In case you haven't noticed, I've got a bit of a love/hate thing  
> with Covad.  My Optonline stuff has not had any problems yet, but  
> Covad is going on nearly two months of getting a line in here for  
> backup purposes. Their OSS cannot deal with the fact that that test  
> equipment in my CO has been dead for the last two years and they  
> cannot figure out how to override my "failed" loop test in the  
> system so the order can proceed to the next step.
> C

Alex, is that the free market excellence you were speaking of?
(I'm not trying to be rude- just playful- I know we all want faster/ 
better/ceaper networks!)


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