[nycbug-talk] Statistical Monitoring

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Tue Nov 4 15:05:31 EST 2008

> I used Ganglia at a previous job and for the most part found it to be a 
> nice way to quickly poll several thousand hosts.
> In addition to having it report on things like cpu and memory usage, it 
> was integrated into one of our internally developed applications which 
> allowed us to retrieve statistics specific to that application in a more 
> efficient manner.
> Previously all the statistics were being exported by a tiny built in web 
> server and then having a script make http get requests to each server. 
> It did not scale too well.
> My only complaint with ganglia is that after running it for a while, it 
> would stop responding to requests and require the service to be 
> restarted.

Your experience with Ganglia has been simply as a push agent, correct? 
You can collect statistics via any method you choose and just push to 
gmond?  I don't believe ganglia has a "pull" method where it can combine 
querying snmp as well, does it?

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