[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD box rebooting itself

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Wed Nov 12 15:57:18 EST 2008

> First, I would cut off those messages by employing some access rules
> to sshd(8) using pf(4), sshd_config(5) or even good ol'
> /etc/hosts.allow. Or better yet do it at your gateway firewall if you
> manage it. I try to never open sshd(8) to worldwide access. But I
> really doubt your reboots are caused by any issues with sshd(8)
> security.

To clarify, that user was valid, he just typed his password in wrong.  I 
already have access rules in pf, etc. (and a lovely little shell script) 
to manage improper ssh access.  I was simply putting that in there to show 
the previous timestamp'd entry before the kernel boot to show it was a 
hard boot.


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