[nycbug-talk] Desktop

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Fri Nov 21 12:44:11 EST 2008

I'm an avid FreeBSD user, and I used to use it on my desktop, but then I 
got so busy that I didn't have time to work on getting everything working 
each time I loaded it up, so I switched to Ubuntu for my desktop (servers 
still FreeBSD across the board).

In any event, I was running Ubuntu 7.10 fine, but 8.10 just came out and I 
think it's horrible - on my T42, fonts don't look right, its slow, and I'm 
just not really happy.

This really does remind me of just how light weight I like things-- I 
remember running FreeBSD on my old T23 with xfce4 and loving it, but 
getting things like wifi working, etc. were a pain.

So, I'm curious -- what do all the BSD lovers here use on their desktops? 
I've seen PCBSD which looks nice.  Do many of you run Ubuntu or some other 
"work out of box" variant?

Just curious!


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