[nycbug-talk] OT: Laptop is dead - what am I going to do?

Max Gribov max at neuropunks.org
Thu Oct 30 10:28:59 EDT 2008

I just got a lenovo thinkpad sl400, so figured ill share my mini review 
of the machine.

These things are pretty far from the original thinkpad in design. Lenovo 
made some silly choices in my opnion:
- back of the screen is glossy plastic - sucks, cause ill scratch it and 
it constantly looks dirty
- the dot in I in thinkpad lights up red - omgwtf
- page up and page down keys are by the arrow keys - another wtf
- the lid doesnt have the snappy lock things - so screen feels a little 

- its light
- its cheap (around $700) for 1.8ghz core duo intel (2M cache per core) 
with 2G ram and 230Gb drive
- 4 usb ports, 1 hdmi port (!) and one SD card reader
- supports 802.11n and has gig ethernet

the battery life is eh -  about 2 hours with default battery, so if you 
get more cells, should get better

so, i think its cheap with good specs cause of almost crappy case 
its great if you gonna keep it in the office most of the time, it feels 
like it may be too accident prone and fragile..

im using ubuntu on it, so all hardware (havent tried hdmi) works fine.. 
dunno about bsd

Matt Juszczak wrote:
> Well, I'm still trying to figure out my options, but at this point, it 
> looks to be a video card "Detachment" problem that needs to be fixed 
> either by soldering or new mobo.  But I'm thinking of sticking with 
> another T42 if I can find one (anyone selling?) - the T400/T500's are all 
> wide screen and I'm not quite ready for that, yet.
> On Sat, 25 Oct 2008, Matt Juszczak wrote:
>> You never really realize how much your computer is to your integrated
>> BSD-geek sys-admin type lifestyle until you wake up and find it's dead.
>> I'm not much of a hardware wizard, but my IBM T42 seems to be kicking the
>> bucket.  It powers on, but nothing comes on the screen except once out of
>> every 5 or 6 power ons, which it will boot into Gnome and then the screen
>> will start shaking like there's interference and it will lock up.
>> Trying to figure out what may be wrong, but also trying to see if can
>> acquire a new laptop as soon as possible if that indeed is the case.  I
>> will be in the city this evening and tomorrow, so if anyone has a laptop
>> for sale, please reply to me off list.  I'm interested in IBM/Lenovo only
>> for the most part.
>> Sorry to spam this list, but I didn't really have any other idea of how I
>> could contact so many people (I would trust) so quickly.
>> -Matt
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