[nycbug-talk] Cisco Parts Locally?

nylug at sky-haven.net nylug at sky-haven.net
Thu Aug 20 11:39:44 EDT 2009

Scríobh Pete Wright:
> I know this came up back in 2007, but was wondering if anyone has found
> a local parts supplier since then.  For example I recently got a new
> 6500's series cisco switch and they forgot to ship it with a CF card, so
> I'm basically looking for standard Cisco stuff - don't need someone who
> has odd backplanes (although if they do that's even better :).


Specific to CF cards for 6500 supervisors: where I work we've often had
worse luck with "Cisco certified" PC Card ATA FLASH compared to just
buying something generic (at or under 1GB for Supervisor2) and just
using that.

I couldn't speak towards linear FLASH; I don't even know if it comes in
the PC Card form factor.  All of our Sup2s have ROMMON 7.1(1) on them.

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