[nycbug-talk] fave BSD tips/tricks?

Jan Schaumann jschauma at netmeister.org
Mon Aug 24 19:21:13 EDT 2009

Dru Lavigne <drulavigne at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> I'm finishing up an article for BSD mag on BSD tips and tricks. Anyone
> have a favourite tip or trick they'd like to see in this article?

My favorite trick is

man <command>

Unlike on other unix flavors, on NetBSD, this actually is useful,
reliable, complete and up to date.

I know, not very exciting.

Oh, and

cd /usr/pkgsrc/*/package

to let the shell figure out where the package I want to install is.  Not
BSD specific, though -- I use that in many, many cases, including
multiply nested hierarchies (cd /some/where/*/2*/a*/foo/bar/z*).

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