[nycbug-talk] fave BSD tips/tricks?

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Tue Aug 25 03:22:40 EDT 2009

    gr> world has changed greatly since 1995.

I'm sure it has, but I'm saying 29 of 30 mailing lists have not.  and
yeah I guess some of the changes I just don't care about, like wankers
posting through web forums---I don't see clearly oblivious people who
have broken the continuity of etiquette as qualified to lead the way
forward.  If I did, I'd be top-posting and using text/plain;

    js> cd /usr/pkgsrc/*/package

yeah it is annoying openbsd ports are like in outline form or
something, not all packages living at the same nesting level.  NetBSD
is all category/package without exception, which is good.

however, in Gentoo I can translate from the name of the installed
package directly to the directory in which the build instructions
live.  In pkgsrc the only way to make that translation is to execute
the Makefile, and that's kind of fail.  I guess there is some tool to
help you do it though, right?

I sort of feel like I should be able to type 'gdb command' and get a
session with access to full sources for 'command' and every library it
depends on, and the sources should be extracted, readable, and pointed
to by the installed objects, for any command on the system, yet if I
run plain 'command' there should be no memory penalty for the debug
info.  There should be an organized-enough way to install a system so
it behaves this way, enough that I can expect others' systems to be
like this provided they've enough disk space, which, frankly, everyone
does.  I don't know of any Unix distribution that delivers this though
maybe I'm just dense.
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