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good meeting this week. . .

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jeffrey Hsu on How to Get Started with Kernel Programming

6:45 PM, Suspenders Restaurant


This talk is intended to introduce kernel programming for the absolute
novice. We will cover:

# basic setup
# building and booting test kernels
# how to write your first system call
# a quick overview of the major subsystems including
# kernel locking and synchronization primitives
# device drivers
# VFS layer
# memory allocation
# networking


Jeffrey M. Hsu became a member the FreeBSD project in 1994 as one of its
first 10 committers. He has contributed to many sections of the
operating system in areas such as the networking stack, Java, and a
large number of the early ports in the language category. He has worked
professionally on FreeBSD and NetBSD was offered commit bits to both the
OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD projects when they were first being formed and
is active in the DragonFlyBSD project today. He holds a degree from U.C.
Berkeley in computer science.

In the past, he has consulted for leading companies such as the Western
Software Laboratory division of Digital Equipment Corporation, Cygnus,
Encanto, Netscape, ClickArray, Palm, Wasabi, and Cisco Systems. Jeffrey
enjoys giving talks and meeting BSD enthusiasts all over the world.
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