[nycbug-talk] Last night's meeting

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Dec 3 11:19:15 EST 2009

Wondering other's thoughts on last nights meeting. . .

I thought it was a great meeting overall. .. brought in more speakers, 
some for the first time, encouraged more people to be involved.

We often have side discussions about topics that don't justify a full 
meeting.  It might be an SSH hack, a creative use of pipes, and so it 
reflects the day-to-day activities of people. . . so it's worth 
integrating into our meetings without the rigidity of this or that 
specific topic.

Personally, though, I was thinking we should try for a "pipes and 
scripts" meetings as opposed to "ports and packages."

Maybe a bit clearer by saying the solutions/hints/hacks should be 
interoperable for all bsds (and even Linux and Solaris, etc). .. . 
basically a focus on creatively employing the core unix commands. .. 
from "at to zcat."  Say, unix is a toolbox, what do you do with the tools?

Say. . . running a command then ending with "&& mail -s 'script done' 
root" or  uniquely piping things to logger, like ike's jls example (jls 
being a FreeBSD ls for the current jails for the host).  little things 
that make life easier because ppl are employing the core unix tools 

Nevertheless, we could look at repeating last night in some form or another.

Other thoughts?


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