[nycbug-talk] Multi-factor Auth Systems, RSA SecurID gizmos...

Isaac Levy ike at lesmuug.org
Sun Feb 15 17:02:25 EST 2009

Hi All,

I've been tasked with finding/implementing a solid multi-factor auth  
system, mostly to simplify auth to a VPN.  (Yes, I said to simplify :)

I've found the RSA SecurID products, and their cards/keyfobs look like  
they'd do the job nicely, pretty good 2-factor auth.

However, I'm a bit bedazzled/confused by all the server offerings, and  
thought I'd reach out to list to see if anyone can recommend  
anything?  I'd rather not get too close to the vendors yet (CITRIX and  
others), I don't need these vendors shoving white-papers in my inbox  
every morning...

Here's what I want:

Some kind of Hardware/Software SecurID auth server which speaks RADIUS.

If the auth server is software, it's gotta' run on an open UNIX [*BSD,  
of course, most preferable].  (Hell, does RSA provide this software  
for their SecurID stuff?)

If there's some kind of network appliance Hardware I can drop in, it  
needs to speak RADIUS to do the auth.

With that, I'm working with under 100 users- so I'm not looking for  
insanely huge auth solutions.

Also, I'm not married to the RSA SecurID cards, they just look clean  
and simple, to acquire and deploy.  I, (and my smart employer), would  
love to go with a multi-factor auth system which utilizes open source  
software- but dreams and reality don't always jive like that...

Any terse words or quickie url responses would be most appreciated!


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