[nycbug-talk] Free stuff!!!!!

Kit Halsted lists at kithalsted.com
Mon Feb 23 15:56:35 EST 2009

Hey there, fellow NYC geeks...

My apartment is full, so I have to get rid of some stuff. I thought  
I'd give y'all first crack at it before I put it out on the street.  
Call dibs via email if you want it. Unclaimed stuff gets recycled on  
Thursday, I'd prefer the rest gone by the weekend.

-Sun SPARCstation 4. Maxed RAM (160MB?), 9GB(?) SCSI disk.
-B/W G3 Mac
-SCSI DLT robot library thingy
-Rack cabinet, steel, front-mount. On wheels, right rear needs to be  
whacked with a mallet to get it level. Weighs about a gajillion pound/ 
half a gajillion kilos.
-APC rackmount UPS, needs new battery.

Also, a couple rackmount cases cheap.

Email if interested, cheers,

Kit Halsted
Computers & Networking
kit at kithalsted.com

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