[nycbug-talk] Colocation services in NYC (area)

Jerry B. Altzman jbaltz at 3phasecomputing.com
Sat Feb 28 19:10:40 EST 2009

on 2/27/2009 6:28 PM Isaac Levy said the following:
> http://www.nycbsdcon.org/2008/
>    http://www.nyi.net/
>    http://www.datapipe.com/
>    http://www.datagram.com/
> Thing is, so many folks here *run* colo facilities at various scales,  
> so it gets to be a bit of bad-form to jump in and 'sell'... or dish  
> too much dirt :)

I've no connection other than as a satisfied customer, but list regular 
Alex Pilosov (www.pilosoft.net) is another name to add to the pile.

> .ike

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