[nycbug-talk] I'm new here - Anyone with netbsd on powerbook G3 experience?

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Thu Jan 8 08:25:21 EST 2009

>>>>> "bk" == Badiane Ka <badiane_ka at yahoo.com> writes:

    bk> I can not go beyond the partitioning.  I don't know where I'm
    bk> messing up but that's were I stop every time.

yeah I had trouble getting them to boot off disks too.

Depending on your openfirmware version, there are two partition types.

The apple partition map, the one Mac OS uses and pdisk edits, is for
newer machines, and I think openfirmware will boot ONLY off an HFS
partition so you need to make a small HFS partition.  i don't know if
you just put ofwboot there, or if you put the whole netbsd kernel
there, but I know pdisk implies apple partition map implies you MUST
have an HFS partition.  I think in this case the boot device is that
txbi colon slash slash whatever it is.  I also think anything OF 3.x
or newer is ``new''.

Older machines, at least with older NetBSD, used a unix disklabel.  I
think OF 2.x is ``older'', and I think I used a unix disklabel on my
PB2400.  I am not sure how this worked: does openfirmware booted off
the unpartitioned device, so you put an FFS containing bootblocks in
the 'a' slice and put 'a' at offset 0?  or if openfirmware understood
the partition table?  I get confused with macppc vs alpha.  With this
choice you use disklabel not pdisk, and the tbxi or txbi or whatever
it is, is used for Mac OS and not used for NetBSD, and it's impossible
to share a disk between NetBSD and Mac OS.  This may all be fixed up
to be more linux-like and mac-os-like in newer NetBSD on old machines,
or it might not. i think I had 1.6 or 2.0 when I was doing it.
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