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Mark Saad nonesuch at bad-apples.org
Thu Jan 8 16:12:05 EST 2009

My Points
* For the most part its a CFEngine rewrite in Ruby.
* Its written in ruby and has "ruby issues"
* They use a nice looking Declarative language to "program" your nodes / 
* You can use erb templates to assist you with complex deployments .
* There is no built in support for line by line editing of files, Redhat 
as a proprietary add on to do this on Redhat Only.
* They support most UNIX / Linux platforms Its not "Open source for 
Linux only"
* You can't have a hierarchy of Puppet Master servers.
* Out of box scalability is limited do to the use of Ruby's Webrick web 
* Some scalability can be  attained using mongrel and web proxies .

It sounds cool but I am not sure why I would want to use it other then 
to say, I have used it.
Steven Kreuzer wrote:
> On Jan 7, 2009, at 9:49 PM, Jesse Callaway wrote:
>> crap.
>> Anyone care to clue this guy in on the salient points?
> My takeaways:
> * It has a huge CPU and memory footprint
> * Seems to be pretty unstable
> * Has scalability Issues
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