[nycbug-talk] Seek speaker on current state of *BSDs

James E Keenan jkeen at verizon.net
Tue Jan 27 19:58:00 EST 2009

Those of you who see me at NYCBUG meetings may know that I am co- 
moderator of Perl Seminar NY (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ 
perlsemny), which meets monthly 8 out of 12 months per year.  I'd  
like to see if there is anyone in NYCBUG who would be willing to make  
a presentation on the current state of the BSDs at perlsemny in one  
of our 3rd-Tuesday-of-the-month meetings between February and May.   
Many of our members know of BSD, but unless they're employed at a  
"BSD shop," their familiarity with BSD is likely to extend no farther  
than what's inside their Macs.

Suggestions for what a presentation would cover might include:

* What is the purpose of the major BSD flavors (Free, Open, Net)?   
How have their missions evolved over time?

* What is the suitability of the various BSDs for servers, desktops  
and laptops?

* To what extent is Darwin a BSD?

And, of course, ...

* What are the major differences between BSD and that other open  
source operating system?  Both in terms of the code itself and the  
culture and community surrounding each? (Feel free to cop freely from  
the collective works of Jason Dixon!)

Anyone interested?  Please contact me at jkeen at verizon dot net.

Jim Keenan

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