[nycbug-talk] openssh 0 day?

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Jul 9 11:54:11 EDT 2009

Bill Totman wrote:
>        gr> But sshd v 4.3?
>         _
>     arhhahaar 3zpl0it iz unr334l.  my namez carton und ir u|\|aphr4i|>
>     on p0r|
>     22 bc n0 1 can hakxz0r my big-endian LP64 zystemsz!!!1!11!!  ze ph33r
>     iz 1n ze m4i1.  wif 4 ph33rzt4|\/|Pz 0n 1t.
> Would it have been faster to first learn and then write that in Esperanto?
> I'm just saying.

Well. . . back to the main point about the apparent exploit.

FUD.  Nothing.


Damien Miller's reply breaks down the 'exploit'


I would expect the security site to do a bit more research in posting 
such stuff. . . especially when it's a 0day exploit with a widely used 

That blog has a lot of credibility, and I wonder how much hassle was 
caused by it.


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