[nycbug-talk] Apache and FreeBSD

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Tue Jul 14 20:03:37 EDT 2009

> Can you try to recreate what httpd is doing?  As www, try to mktemp in /tmp 
> or run a flock on a file in /var/log.  Alternatively, try to remove perms 
> from either dir to www to see if you can see the behavior just before it 
> errors.  If you see the behavior before the crash, then you know it's not 
> that dir but the other.  Maybe you can find an httpd.conf directive or a 
> module that lets you start a sub process, then have it start something that 
> gives a shell (xterm, screen, vnc), then you play around from the perspective 
> of the process and see what doesn't work.

It isn't actually crashing (well, not unless it gets totally bogged down). 
For the most part, we're just spiraling the box.

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