[nycbug-talk] VPS solutions?

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Sun Jul 26 23:31:41 EDT 2009

> hrm - i guess i can see what you mean in regards of commercial support
> but one feature i that i feel has always been a problem for vmwware (and
> to a lesser extent xenserver) is the api in which i can program against
> it with.  i have built a fair amount of production systems using both
> xen and kvm with heavy leveraging lib-virt (sorry, ot since this run on
> linux systems).  from what i understand about the virtualbox road map i
> hope it is going to have a friendly api as well.

We are not going to get that elaborate in this setup.  We need a solution 
that is cheap, and allows us to run 2 Linux instances and 2 FreeBSD 
instances on a single, 64 bit multi processor box.

We would like something simple, reliable, and preferably cheap if not 
free.  This will most likely be a "launch it and forget it" setup, where 
we'll set the four or five instances up, OS each instance, and launch it 
as a production box.  Once that's up and running, we probably won't touch 
them again for a while, and there's no need to automate or anything like 

So with that in mind - simplicity and reliability - can anyone recommend a 
solution that fits these needs?  (Cheap and supports both OS's).

We will have Console access to the box if that helps.


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