[nycbug-talk] Code Deployment Question

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Tue Jun 23 17:56:05 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I have to do some code deployment to about 20 webservers as a temporary 
solution.  We're running puppet which works fine for config file 
management (with SVN to store the config files), but I'm trying to figure 
out the code deployment.

here's my thoughts:

- on the dev server, people checkout the code into their own sandboxes, 
which are in their home dir (so multiple people can develop on the same 
site and only check their changes in when needed) - I haven't decided if 
i'm using svn over ssh or just using svnserv to allow people to do 

- Once the code is checked in, I need to somehow tell all the webservers 
to do their SVN checkouts (when appropriate).  I guess I would write a 
script that would run every minute and check a config file, and I can push 
the config file via puppet.  Perhaps the config file would just say what 
"version" should be on the webservers.

Thoughts?  Is there something simpler?

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