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I haven't looked at SVN in a while, but isn't there a means of pattern exclusion some where in the '.svn' directory(s)?

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Hi all,

Sorry to bother the list, but this is a problem I just encountered that is 
somewhat time sensitive, so I thought I would get some opinions from the 

I'm moving to a new temporary code deployment solution.  The prior setup 
didn't use SVN at all - people edited on the dev server, and then rsync's 
the code to the production server.

The new setup (TEMPORARY for a few weeks until I can get real 
repositoriees going) is that I checked in the entire webroot into an SVN 
repository, and then I have the webs check that out.  That way, if someone 
edits something, they check it in, and then

This is gigs of code and I didn't have much time to go through it, so I 
added everything to SVN, even log files.  What I'm having trouble with 
right now is this: on the initial checkout to the webservers, it works 
fine, but it creates these log files.  Of course, the log files aren't 
empty - they are in a state that they were in when I checked them into SVN 
originally.  Over time, those log files begin to get written to, to where 
if I do an svn stat in the webroot, it shows they've changed.

No big deal, until I try to run an svn update again after a full check in 
from the dev server - the log files show conflicts, because they've 
changed on both servers.

First, as a disclaimer, I know this is a HORRIBLE temporary solution, but 
I promise it's temporary for those who want to yell :) Does anyone know a 
way to tell SVN "If the file has changed locally, don't check out the 
latest version remotely, and instead ignore it?".  I'd obviously like to 
do this with a flag.


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