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Fri Mar 6 03:07:55 EST 2009

ESR will be at Suny Farmingdale March 10th at 8pm.


Justin Dearing

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Subject: [Lilug] Next LUGSB Meeting, and LILUG Meeting with ESR!
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Hi, all,

Some announcements:

The next LUGSB meeting will be next Thursday, the 12th, at 5:30 PM, in
room 1441.  Jonathan, our VP, will be giving a presentation: "Hacking
the XBox with Linux", with a real live XBox in attendance.  The flyer,
as usual, can be found at [1] , and, as usual, help in posting it is
greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to let everyone know that LILUG [2], the Long Island
LUG, is having a meeting on the 10th, at Farmingdale University (150
Whitman Hall), at 8PM.  Eric S. Raymond [3], noted open source
software advocate, will be speaking with the audience at the meeting.
I'd like to organize a carpool to Farmingdale, I'll try to send out
another email about that soon.  I've also put together a poster for
this event, at [4], posting it would also be a ... good thing.

(Mandatory flyer posting guidelines: post on bulleting boards (or,
walls), not on doors or windows. Thanks!)

See you there!

Benjamin Kudria
LUGSB President

1: http://ben.kudria.net/pub/next-meeting-flyer.pdf
2: http://lilug.org
3: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_S_Raymond
4: http://ben.kudria.net/pub/lilug-esr-flyer.pdf
http://ben.kudria.net | Jabber: ben at kudria.net
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